Open call for Podcasters

Talents are invited to submit their proposals to create a podcast, where talks and conversations are produced. These podcasts will be recorded in Foundry’s podcast room (This is not limited to art/ culture podcasts)

Our Offering

We will be offering 100 free sessions (5 max. free sessions per person) - Following the "free trial", there will be charges as per the booking rates of the podcast room. Hours per session: Half day session (6 hours) per session.

Selected podcasters will be able to utilize the podcast room FOC (X5) 6-hour sessions.

Who can submit an idea?

Pitch submissions are open to individuals who comply with the below criteria:

  1. Commitment

    • Approved content calendar, prepared topics
    • Upcoming scheduled in guests
  2. Consistency

    • If they already have a podcast - If they already have a podcast
    • Pre-prepared content schedule - If they are new to podcasting
  3. Quality of topics

    • Topics discussed add relevancy/ value to the community

How do individuals submit an idea?

Send a pdf presentation (no more than 5 slides) with the below:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Content calendar (including scheduled in guests, if applicable)
  • End results expected

These should be sent to

Where will they be submitting their ideas to?

Can multiple podcast pitches be submitted?

One person or group can submit multiple pitches. Although, variations on the same idea are not accepted.

What happens when a podcast pitch is submitted?

If a project gets selected, Foundry will schedule timeslots where individuals can have access to the podcast room and use the facilities.

What is the timeline?

Deadline: February 28, 2021

Does Foundry gain rights to the podcast idea by submitting it?

No. Individuals always have to mention that the podcast series was sponsored by Foundry.

What additional benefits will selected podcasters have?

FOC usage of the podcase room (up to 5 times per person), Social media exposure on Foundry page

What type of podcast are being scouted out?

A wide variety of concepts, hosts, styles and structures, but there are a few key traits we’re looking for in each pitch:

  1. Surprise us. Pitch us a show that’s different than what we already make — and different from what’s already out there for podcast listeners.
  2. Clearly define your show concept. You should be able to describe the overall concept of your show in a few sentences or less.
  3. Do more than entertain. We take our public service mission seriously, and look for podcasts that not only engage people, but also provide a deep value to our audience.
  4. Understand who your audience is, and why they’ll listen. Tell us how your show will create a bigger and more diverse podcast audience.
  5. Think long term. Does your concept have multi-season potential?/ Clearly defined content calendar?/Goals?
  6. Take risks. Are you a writer who has never worked in audio? Maybe you’ve been producing news, but want to take on a longer project. Maybe you’ve never worked in media, but have
  7. incredible show idea for an audience we’re not serving. Take a chance with us; we’re looking to build strong teams around strong talent. You don’t have to know how to do everything.

Is this a competition?

No, it is not a competition. This is an open call for all individuals who would like to:

  • Start their own podcast
  • Improve the quality of their podcast
  • Continue podcasting

We are looking for new ideas, new partners, and talent, and will enter into contract negotiations with anyone whose submission is selected for piloting.

Selection Criteria:

Winning criteria pillars are as follows:

  1. Commitment (Approved content calendar, prepared topics, upcoming scheduled in guests)
  2. Consistency (Based on frequency of past episodes or upcoming planned content calendar)
  3. Quality (Relevancy to the community, adds value)

It should be a solid proposal (not necessary art and culture only) applicant should demonstrate the commitment and ambition to succeed

What are the booking details?

Contact the Foundry team will schedule in the timing.