Gallery 4

Marc Guiragossian

23.11.2022 ­– 19.01.2023

Marc Guiragossian is a rising contemporary painter, whose artistic style is distinguished by a vibrant dynamicity that attests to the modernity and tradition of painting.

Marc Guiragossian is the grandson of acclaimed Neo-Expressionist painter Paul Guiragossian, and was born into a dynasty of gifted painters which heavily inspired him to create.

Having studied the aesthetic philosophies and techniques of influential masters, Marc sought to combine the profound reality depicted by the likes of El Greco & Rembrandt, with the chance effects that Surrealists called “automatism”. This resulted in Guiragossian’s signature style which is characterized by a symphony of vivid color and gestural brushstrokes. For Marc, the evolution of art is not a linear process, but an inexhaustible exchange between aesthetic moments of the past & present.

Currently, the artist works between Berlin and London to further develop his characteristic blend of bold, unfettered visual expression and the cultural influences that inspire it. Marc began painting in childhood, and had his first group exhibition at the Galerie Gegenwart, Karlsruhe in 2008, while he was still a teenager. Since his debut, his works have been shown with Beirut Art Discovery, Musee Emmanuel Guiragossian in Lebanon, Beirut Art Fair, as well as representation by Emmagoss Art Gallery. In 2021 Institute De Monde Arab Museum in Paris acquired a painting of Marc’s for their permanent collection.

His paintings evoke the expression of the unconscious through a symphony of vivid colors, gestural brushstrokes, and art historical references. The evolution of art is not a linear process, but an inexhaustible exchange between aesthetic moments of the past and present. He sometimes create from memory and sometimes he create from reference. This exhibition is a mix of the two, because surrealism is interconnected with the unconscious mind. Many great thinkers have. Said that the unconscious is the primary source of human behaviour. Some neurologists and psychiatrists have also stated that our experiences and feelings are powerfully influenced by our past. He believe that some of the answers he get in life are from painting from memory. All the answers we are looking for are within us, it’s just a matter of how you can express it, and how you can get it out of you.