Gallery 8

Morteza Darehbaghi

10.01.2024 ­– 09.02.2024

Works of Morteza Darehbaghi (2018 – 2023)

Morteza Darehbaghi’s artistic journey unfolds through three distinct forms: free, geometric, and pattern-based. In 2009, a pivotal moment marked a shift from exploring humanity’s place in nature to the emergence of “Birth,” where form liberated itself from human and natural references, embodying a self-sufficient sign shaped by visible and invisible forces.

His work reflects the dynamic nature of the environment, acknowledging the absence of fixed laws in nature and the perpetual creation of new orders. The geometric order of the cityscape, with its streets, buildings, and waterways, provides both security and monotony, a theme explored through repetition in Darehbaghi’s art.

The fusion of primitive motifs, rug patterns, and tile works within his pieces serves as a means to break free from geometric monotony, infusing beauty into the structured patterns. These traditional motifs, drawn from nature, provide a departure from the tedium of geometry, creating a bridge between order and the wild, formless aspects of existence.

In his exploration of modern art, Darehbaghi seeks to liberate emotions from the constraints of patterns, transcending the dualities of beauty and ugliness. His works, particularly those found in Foundry, showcase the intertwining of these three aspects—free, geometric, and pattern-based—manifesting his intricate relationship with the surrounding world and the dynamic interplay between order and spontaneity.