Gallery 5

Juhayda Albittar

11.05.2022 ­– 31.08.2022

Juhayda’s journey has always been connected to colors, and it appears that She didn’t create this connection, rather it is her own raison d’être. Born in Damascus, Juhayda always tried to run away from war, but it always found the way to find her and her work.

She managed to find peace within herself, but the dialogue between war and peace never ended.

At times, art resembles a deep dream, a state of mind in which concentration splits with logical thinking and becomes inspiration. This collection is created out of music and its interaction with her inner world.

Colors are moving, featureless creatures are spinning as the lights shower them and the rivers drown them. There is no space for pain in this collection, here the carousel horse tries to break free from war, nostalgia, and pain.

The music spreads warmth, the night is calm, and the brush is dancing freely following colors’ s intuition.