The Room

Kapil Bhimekar

17.03.2021 ­– 17.05.2021

While living in a period of restricted movement, we are beckoned by memories to revisit the past and hesitantly drawn towards visualizations of possible futures. Our present has been stripped of various aspects of daily life, yet we carry on moving forward in uncertain directions.

Room with a View invites us to step inside the memory of travel, an experience that artist Kapil Bhimekar recalls from his visit to Greece in 2019.  Vacant of hue, this monochromatic space brings an illustrated world to life, allowing visitors to walk through Bhimekar’s memory to see what he sees.  Within this installation, one might wonder, do the colours in your memory fade with time? As we press onward, what details are we willing to let go of, and which ones do we continue to recall? Through what lens do our memories become altered?  Kapil explained that the act of drawing his memories allows him to document his perspective, sharing this immersive journey with others.  He spent over 30 hours creating the cityscape seen through the window, and he hopes you will enjoy the view.


Kapil Bhimekar | Artist Biography

Bhimekar is an artist and an arts educator who conducts art and illustration workshops around the world.  He studied illustration at the celebrated Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts in Mumbai. Breaking away from his father’s stylistic approach, which embraced realism, Kapil’s quirky illustrations commit to a minimalist’s aesthetic, drawing attention to everyday objects through artistic interventions.  His large-scale mural work has been featured in Dubai’s Design District, Alserkal Avenue, and Sikka Art Fair.  In addition to his illustration practice, he works as a creative director in the advertising world and has received international recognition from his innovative campaigns, including nods from Cannes Lions, The Dubai Lynx, D&AD etc. In an extension of his illustration work, Bhimekar has also developed his own brand titled K100 which celebrates his black and white signature style.