The RoomExhibition

Zihan Karim

20.09.2021 ­– 20.11.2021

Creating dialogues with the environmental space and the virtual interface of thought and projection. Where mechanics and the living contemplates an understanding of an existential fusion. He initiates interaction of shapes, an adaptation of time, movement, and moment into installation, projection, and architectural nuance, to explore his concepts.

In this room, artist Zihan Karim initiates a video projection installation titled Parallel Expansion. He uses the motif of planet mars as a metaphor to convey imaginative placement of space, creating various perceptions of the perspectives and existential essences. He uses 4 different types of extensions as symbolic suggestions to convey his thought projections as the approximate macrocosm, aqua, planet, UMO {unidentified moving object} and eclipse.   Asking questions like ….can we go beyond the periphery of inherited and premeditated data to create something new or if so what would be the understanding of it. These monologues and dialectics of conversation are explored by the artist. How the concept of utopian thought and its variations of contradictions can be a module within the realm of a new space to configure more desirable collective possibilities creating a hypothetical ecosystem in space. He elongates his sensory with imagination.



Zihan Karim is an audio-visual artist who works with a range of media including moving images, installation, sound, and painting. He explores the subtleties of time, space, and societal issues through the syntax of video, space, monitor and object. Zihan’s work intends to create a new dialogue between the virtual and reality. His works have been featured at various art shows and exhibitions, at home and abroad. He is working as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong.