Gallery 8 – Exhibition

Abdulla Dexen

17.01.2022 ­– 25.02.2022

Abdullah Dexen reclaims the magnificence and beauty of the Arabic language through a revived technique of calligraphy using a plethora of colors and textures.

The result is a conception of letters through paintings showcasing withheld sentiments behind letters in our day-to-day terminology. Dexen refrains from creating a specific concept with the purpose of leaving the audience with the freedom to uncover and interpret the beauty in simplicity and the unknown. He adds “There is simplicity in the most complex ideas such as calligraphy. As well as simplicity in love, which signifies the beauty of love amongst us, the people.” Abdullah Dexen is represented by Iris Art Agency.

Born in 1990 in Kuwait, Abdullah Dexen started his artistic journey upon graduating from the Gulf University for Science and Technology. Dexen’s practice emanates from the premise that letters are not the primary component of constructing words, Dexen’s work expresses that letters hold great strength and passion once represented artistically. Dexen is a self-taught artist, his love for art developed and flourished every day due to the many hours he spent practicing art in a studio that he shared with his father and brother. Dexen founded Den Gallery, a gallery based in Kuwait, with his partners in 2014. Dexen participated in many group exhibitions around the world in countries such as Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, and Oman.