Gallery 3 – Exhibition

Adil Aubekerov

17.03.2021 ­– 17.05.2021

The expressive works of Adil Aubekerov captivate the attention of the audience with a variety of details and complex images, the source of which is the artist’s interest in the visual culture of the Kazakh nomads, biology, and animalism.

Petroglyphs from the Paleolithic Age, a menagerie of Scythian gold, images of animals inhabiting Kazakhstan – Aubekerov’s works are an epic graphic reflection of the diversity in the cultural code of Central Asian region.

In the context of this exhibition, the artist takes an imaginary journey through time, imagining the observation of the birth of several countries and cultures, the change of civilization, art, and styles, from cave paintings to modern graffiti. Making a journey through the infinite space of the imagination, the artist plunges into a special state of mind close to meditation and paints paintings without sketches in a free flow of consciousness. This approach is also reflected in the history of art, bringing us back to the practice of the surrealists, when in an attempt to free themselves from rational thought artists invented the method of automatic writing.

The artist Adil Aubekerov says: “I believe that the line is the foundation of everything that surrounds us. I really enjoy observing it. I want to explore it, to experiment with it. In my abstract works, I like to tell stories through the open movement without limiting myself – I’m an advocate of expressing my feelings rather than displaying them in some deliberate way.”

Improvisation has a special place in Kazakh culture – Aytysh, as they traditionally called poets who composed poems impromptu. Adil seems to revive this tradition through graphic images and praises the line, which in his abstract works becomes an intertwining of worlds and ecosystems, endowed with the harmony of nature and man. Many of Adil’s graphic works reflect the special nature of street art, unexpectedly revealing the versatility of post-graffiti that blurs the line between museums and street art.