Gallery 3


Artists: Sara Shamma, Khaled Takriti, Yagan Saad, Mohannad Orabi, Issa Kazah, Mohammad Omran, Walid El Masri, Thaer Maarouf, Manar Al Shouha, Zeina Salameh, Ahmad Tallaa, Shaza Midani, Salah Hreeb & Mayssan Salman

10.05.2023 ­– 31.08.2023

In this exhibition, 14 Syrian artists are gathering to express through their visual language on how the past 12 years of struggle in Syria have shaped who Syrians have become and have diverted them from what they were supposed to be.

They want to highlight on how those years have been reflected on their work and have pushed them to re-evaluate the subject matter and their technique. Collectively, they are expressing the power of art in changing the world and their responsibility as artists to document history in a true and genuine matter and unite the society in difficult times.

But most importantly, They want to put light on the beauty that came out of this crisis. Such as social mobilization, noble acts that led people go out of their way to help one another. And that sometime, in the midst of chaos and death deep human friendships and incredible acts of heroism and sacrifice for one other arise. This reminds us that no amount of ugliness can alter this fundamental goodness. Light through the wounds is inspired by a quote of Rumi that says “the wound is the place where light enters you” for being hurt can enlighten you and bring you into realization that you are a human being.

Curated by Line Kouwatli and Samer Kozah