Gallery 4

Ritu Kohli

10.01.2024 ­– 09.02.2024

Curated by Ayesha Imtiaz, Poetic Strokes

Immersed in profound depth and magnetic allure, Ritu Kohli’s work is showcased in her mastery of the cold wax medium. Her work, captivating and rich in texture, draws viewers into a world of abstract beauty.

The roots of Ritu’s artistic odyssey were planted well before her exploration of cold wax, notably in her distinctive handmade ceramicware that initially seized attention. These early creations served as a precursor, revealing the innate abstract aesthetics that underscored the depth of her artistic vision.

Ritu epitomizes the quintessential artist—a keen observer, deep thinker, and a fearless experimenter. Skilfully integrating her financial background into her artistic pursuits, she showcases a remarkable synthesis of diverse elements. The dedication she invests in her craft is evident in the extensive time, spanning weeks or even months, devoted to each painting.
This inaugural solo exhibition marks a significant milestone in Ritu’s artistic journey. It unveils a portal into her profound affinity with nature, her meditative practices and various phases of her creative acumen.

Viewers are invited to delve into Ritu’s “Journey into the Abstract,” as it reveals the dynamic tapestry of her ever-evolving process of self-exploration.