Gallery 5

Sepideh Ilsey

15.11.2023 ­– 07.01.2024

Presented by ArtKōrero

“The title of this show ‘It comes in waves’ refers to the way my organic shapes come to me from my subconscious and how creativity knows no time. It arrives unbidden, in waves unpredictable. Like the tides, it cannot be forced but embraced, and in this unpredictability lies the essence of artistic freedom and inspiration.” – Sepideh Ilsley

ArtKōrero is pleased to present the first Middle Eastern solo exhibition by artist Sepideh Ilsley, ‘It Comes in Waves’. Where the intricate interplay of sculptural forms takes center stage, mirroring the intriguing depths of the artist’s subconscious.

Within this captivating collection, the artist delves into the realm of painting as a profound meditative practice. By embracing a perpetual openness to the unpredictable, each stroke and contour becomes a therapeutic exploration. The fluidity of these shapes, meticulously crafted with a spare yet eloquent language of abstraction, serves as a powerful conduit. It allows the artist to grapple with the complexities of the world, translating these encounters into tangible expressions.

“I see my practice as a journey of expression and exploration. My shapes are like poetry to me. Snapshots of moments in time. I wish to evoke emotion with these lyrical pieces. I imagine how the audience can see their own story in the paintings, and that the names of the pieces can work as a trigger for the imagination of the viewer to interpret and read their own story into the works.

Text and objects working together. I want to allow for emotion, thought and a physical experience. I want to engage the viewer so that its significance can exist beyond the painting itself.” – Sepideh Ilsley

Sepideh Ilsley is an internationally-recognised abstract artist, born in Iran, grew up in Sweden and based in Australia. Ilsley’s contemplative discourse unveils a profound journey marked by an unyielding commitment to poetic expression and exploration, a lyrical testament to the passage of time, encapsulating fleeting moments in tangible shapes.

Sepideh Ilsley’s work gracefully intertwines artistic expression with a crucial message on global water issues, echoing the environmental concerns at the heart of COP28 discussions taking place in Dubai throughout the exhibition. Her work becomes a visual call and rallying cry for the necessity of clean water on a global scale.

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