Gallery 3

Andrei Dmitrenko, Varvara Grankova, Anton Gudkov, Kirill Makarov, Kirill Mikhailin, Sofya Skidan, Diana Shliman

10.01.2024 ­– 09.02.2024

Presented by Alisa Contemporary Art Gallery

Alisa Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present I Write Your Name, a group show on the subject of melancholy and the memories of nomads. 

The exhibition reflects on the motivations driving our wanderlust, and the factors fuelling our desire to escape, and explores how we navigate the disconnect from places, people, and the past.

The exhibition features works by the artists represented by the curator-run gallery from 2021 to 2023 created across a range of mediums, i.e. paintings, graphics, objects, sculptures, videos, and NFTs.

Every artwork is a product of every artist’s solo projects and the conceptual challenges they have set for themselves within their practice. For instance, Kirill Makarov uses both painting and video games to interrogate the domains of information and disinformation in the era of post-truth. Sofya Skidan develops the language of cyber shamanism, intertwining questions about the human body’s role and image with the post-anthropocene landscape. Andrei Dmitrenko explores memory by harnessing the intrinsic poetry of language, discovering ways to embody his poems through material objects. Textile works by Varvara Grankova focus on themes of love, hope, solidarity, and community. Diana Shliman’s sculptures look into the subject of femininity and its image, contextualising them with the help of various historical and cultural lenses.

While employing diverse mediums and conceptual frameworks, the participating artists share a distinctive, lyrical perception of the world, along with common professional interests and generational overlaps. Their keen awareness of the world’s imperfections compels them to take responsibility for its perception and harmonisation, employing surrealistic approaches to artistic expression. The exhibition’s title pays homage to a poem by the French poet Paul Éluard, highlighting the powerful impulse that permeates contemporary art and originates from the roots of modern art.