Gallery 4 – Exhibition

Enforce One & Karim Tamerji

17.03.2021 ­– 17.05.2021

Enforce one (Gary Yong) is a Chinese Malaysian born, New Zealand raised visual artist currently based in Dubai. He specialises in large scale mural work with a focus on spray painting. He practice in both figurative and abstract art with an emphasis on portraits and nature.

Apart from having a commercial approach with his art practice, he also believes in constantly reinventing and evolving as an art maker. He has built an impressive portfolio across many creative disciplines, with experience as a graphic designer, curator and art consultant. The idea of collaborating with other art forms will always be welcomed. Despite many years of learning new techniques and perfecting his skills, he always believes that he is only just scratching the surface and has a long creative journey ahead.


Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. We live in a modern time when the word ‘Influencer’ has taken on a slightly altered depiction on the social media platforms.

Through these artworks, He intends to reclaim the word and use it to represent the artists, musicians, singers, writers and activists before our time. The ones who have created masterpieces that actually influenced and inspired him. Some of them fought and struggled to have their voices heard in an unjust world, they have translated their pain and suffering into art. To him, these are the real influencers.


Karim is a multi-disciplinary creative with a background of Architecture. He was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon.(1991)

His practice expands across various disciplines ranging from fine arts to interior design, architecture, site specific installation and mural art.

Karim’s work communicates with context and time. He creates a synergy between art and design that allows him to embrace creative possibilities that exists between different disciplines.



This series explores the relationship between a systematic and intuitive process through combining approaches that relate to street art, design, and architecture.

With its dynamic gradients and minimal tonal work, the multi-layered cut canvas acts as a catalyst for the static space around it. This contemporary approach encourages a multidimensional dialogue between the viewer, artwork, and the architectural space