The Room

Ayesha Hadir, Rawdha Al Ketbi & Shaikha Al Ketbi

20.12.2020 ­– 10.03.2021

Neither Visible nor Concealed, casually also named Farasha Gallery, is an ongoing collaborative project between artists Ayesha Hadhir, Rawdha Al Ketbi and Shaikha Al Ketbi. The three artists work similarly: reacting to different environments, such as the sea, vacant urban spaces, and the desert, collecting objects and conducting rituals.

This iteration of the project, a video installation under the name of “Give me a few more days”, explores the artists’ development of the definition of collaboration over the course of the past year. Having to work in isolation and confined indoors, the artists solo practices converged through conversation and experimentation. One such experiment was to work with other artists in anonymity: two artists who do not know each other, would rotate in the same studio day in and day out, and communicate only through their artwork. Another experiment is to separately explore the residue of an old project in a new light: the results of which we can see here.