Gallery 5

Yan Anikev, Svetlana Rumak, Katya Kindopp, Valeriya Salnikova

10.01.2024 ­– 09.02.2024

W&P Gallery Presents

In this exhibition, four Russian artists unite to articulate human emotions. Each artist interprets these sentiments uniquely. Two embrace abstraction, drawing inspiration from nature’s textures, while the other two depict human emotions figuratively.

Yan draws inspiration from the textures of northern Russian nature, creating artworks that mirror the beauty of wild berries. Nature, depicted through spontaneous intersecting lines, forms novel images, akin to life’s events forging individual paths.

Katya’s abstract pieces depict flowers, conveying sensations beyond external features. Each composition reflects stages of flowering, mirroring life’s phases: childhood, youth, and maturity. The images aim to establish a connection between the unconscious and the viewer.

In Valeria’s artworks, the predominant hue is pink, and the rich, vibrant colors are neither random nor arbitrary; they are intricately tied to the author’s interpretation of reality. Variations of blue and azure allude to airiness and lightness. The primary goal of these vivid colors is to convey positivity, emphasizing the importance of finding joy in everything around us. The artist transmits the principle of the “pink prism” in her creations, aimed at altering the perception of the surrounding reality. It’s a world where everything elicits a resounding WOW!

Svetlana’s predominantly gray artworks, inspired by fog’s color, embody a state of mystery. Through the fog, barely visible images prompt a search for characters sharing secrets, the world’s beauty, and symbols encountered on the journey of spiritual exploration.