Gallery 4Exhibition

Fink 22

25.05.2021 ­– 25.08.2021

Living amongst the polished and highly manicured environment of Dubai, FINK 22 finds his mind and eye longing for something more. He is inextricably drawn towards what he describes as Urban Landscapes; the worn, lived-in, scarred and broken surfaces of buildings that are hidden in plain sight. For FINK 22 this is where the heart of city beats.

This heart is the source of inspiration for the series URBAN DECAY; found on the walls marked by repair work, posters, graffiti and the timeworn painted surfaces that overlay the otherwise blank canvas of the buildings. These interventions are a product of society and of ever-changing aesthetics The walls are powerful and organic. They show life, echoing moments that have happened and events that have unfolded, integral to people’s lives.
Inside the studio, the decaying walls are then re-contextualised in abstract form, delivering raw and dynamic full body movements to the canvas. There is an importance to each mark made, space left, and tape repositioned as FINK 22 portrays the hope, beauty and opportunity that is found when exploring these urban environments. Decay becomes beauty instead of an absence of perfection, enriched by what was before and what is yet to come.

FINK 22 is a self-taught British abstract painter,muralist and photographer.
Renown for his street art murals, FINK 22 has developed a unique and distinctive one-line drawing of a face that has been upscaled, filled with bright coloursand topped with a sharp outline. These faces have brought colour and joy to communities across the worldfrom London to Melbourne, and Berlin to Bali as well as here in Dubai itself.
As a studio practitioner, FINK 22 rebels against the aforementioned crisp lines, yearning for drips, splatters and expressionistic mark making. Here the freedom of a blank canvas is embraced, allowing the artist to experiment with tools and techniques to deliver dynamic works with the balance of colour, texture and negative space. Inspiration comes from observing humanity, looking beyond the surface for a deeper connection that reveals the impact society has on its surrounding environment.