Gallery 8


07.09.2023 ­– 29.09.2023

Nafir was born in Tehran. The son of a carpet merchant working in the city’s main bazaar, his childhood and forming years were filled with the colours, patterns and textures of the artisanal and artistic heritage of his country, bringing him a joy he could never abondon.

The other main source of inspiration can be found on the earth – shattering display of feminine strength he witnessed being raised by a single mom; this made such a profound impact, that the carpet itself became the personification of a woman, and the final artwork an immortalization of that feminine soul that spoke to him, as an eternal act of gratitude.

It comes as no surprise then, that his pieces convey such a deep love for the beauty of Iranian culture – whether represented in the form of traditional objects or as a female figures, these two embodiments fuse into one another to create a new mysterious and alluring manifestation.

But it is not all about representing one own’s roots. His aim to shine a modern light on ancient value’s is fulfilled by his usage of modern art mediums, such as spray paint.

This is Nafir’s first solo exhibition in the Middle East.