Gallery 3 – Exhibition

Behnaz Ghasemi

17.01.2022 ­– 25.02.2022

Behnaz Ghasemi was born in Mashhad, Iran in 1977. She completed her studies in the principles of academic painting and art criticism in the three different nations, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Iran; and is currently studying philosophy at the University of London.

Ghasemi describes her pieces as physical and visual manifestations of the inner working of her mind, unbounded by form or medium and reflective of the different phases of her life. Her artwork ranges from large-scale outdoor installations, to small scale intricate and delicate watercolours. The diversity and versatility depicted within her practice is a reflection of her varied studies and interests, including mysticism, Persian literature and poetry. Her work has been acclaimed by major art institutions and is now featured in The British Museum’s permanent collection.