Gallery 3

Orkhan Mammadov

07.09.2023 ­– 29.09.2023

Carpetdiem is a generative interpretation of Azerbaijan carpet designs. The traditional carpets are woven meticulously by artisans and the underlying code tries to emulate these intricacies through simple yet sophisticated algorithms.

At its core, the code uses fractals and recursion to generate unique designs on each execution of the code. The Carpetdiem is a representation of the magic in mathematics through a mesmerizing display of the fractal geometry that unfolds like blossoming flowers to infinity. Spontaneously evolving designs captivate the viewer by a hypnotizing temptation and take them to an exquisite journey on a magic carpet. Indeed, revealing the unique beauty in mathematics is at the core of artist’s work. The recursive fractal system that was derived from the Sierpiński carpet formula subdivides the shape of the equilateral squares consecutively while the algorithm generates a different configuration at each run and creates unique patterns autonomously.