Gallery 3 – Presented by Art Time


11.05.2022 ­– 31.08.2022

ArtTime is pleased to present a solo show of never-before-seen works by French artist Barnabe. Created from the artist’s studio, these works offer a rare glimpse into a popping artist and one of his favorite subject, the nocturnal environment.

Encompassing the newly created series of paintings and sculptures of Barnabe, this exhibition is conceived as a component of his previous exhibition, Night on Earth, with ArtTime.
A very colorful collection, around the night, composed of mosaics. The night is a phase in which the surface of the earth is plunged into darkness.

Despite its cloudiness, this natural stage does not freeze life on earth. The nocturnal environment is considered as a very important and even vital resource for many living beings. As humanity falls asleep at nightfall, a whole other world stealthily awakens. In paintings, the night will often be evoked by dark colors, especially black. While, in Barnabe’s mind, the night offers a wide range of unsuspected colors.

Through this new collection, Barnabe explores the palette of the night. His personal interpretation leaves room for an overflowing imagination, with the desire to exhaust the many facets of this subject. The artist plays with the prism of the night to bring to light an unknown universe, festive, colorful, at the antipodes of what can represent the night in our minds.

What if we just break our nightlife to reveal it? Deconstruct, to rebuild and reveal a whole new universe at the borders of the abstract. A universe with many known and unknown facets, sometimes surreal colors and nebulous forms interwoven in an uncertain fog.

Barnabe’s work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide, such as France, Singapore, Los Angeles and West Africa.

Barnabe currently works and lives in France.